The New Indian Express , 16 May 2006

Tsunami warning system to be set up

NEW DELHI: The government is setting up its own early warning system for tsunami and storm surges in Indian Ocean at the total cost of Rs 125 crore, Science and Technology Minister Kapil Sibal informed the Rajya Sabha on Monday.

The warning system would have components like installation of tsunami warning sensors close to the ocean bottom at appropriate locales in indian ocean with real time connectivity.

He said it would include tide guage and data buoys networking to validate arrival of tsunami waves at the coast, strengthening of the existing seismological network to indicate, near real time occurrence of tsunamigenic earthquakes, modelling of the innundation scenarios for the entire coast and mapping of potential risk areas, collection of information, analysis and generating status advisories.

A centre would be set up at indian national centre for ocean information services, Hyderabad on round the clock basis.