The Hindu , 18 May 2006

`Kola' fish spotted

NAGAPATTINAM: Fishermen in the coastal district are now very happy over the good catch of `Kola' fish this year.

The fish is most delicious and is available in plenty in the deep sea off Nagapattinam and Karaikal coasts during April to July. This year, the fishermen had spotted the fish in the last week of April. `Kola' is fished only during late night hours.

Vendors and people wait for the fishermen in the coast in the night hours to buy fresh fish, which is a type of tiny and shiny species. It has to be cooked on the day it is bought or else its real taste would be lost.

According to the fishermen, there is always good demand for the `Kola' fish.

Fishermen having fibreglass boats and catamarans were now getting remunerative price of Rs.1.50 to Rs.2 per fish. The fishermen who venture into the sea in a single boat manage to catch 50 to 100 kg of `Kola' fish. Fishing by mechanised boats and trawlers has been banned till end of this month for the annual 45 days off season.

The `Kola' fish is capable of jumping two to three metres high.