The New Indian Express , 19 July 2006

Fear looms large in Nicobar a day after tsunami warning


PORT BLAIR: Fear-stricken population of India’s Car Nicobar Island find it difficult to continue with their daily work, a day after tsunami warning was issued by Andaman Administration following the quake in Indonesia.

“We won’t go for fishing for a next couple of days, it seems things are not normal here,” a tribal fisherman Albert Robinson, of Car Nicobar said. The administration here is taking no chances. Regular patrolling is being done and people are advised to stay away from the sea. Announcements are being made on loud speakers.

“We are not letting anybody go near harbour,” police personnel on duty near coastal areas of Car Nicobar said. Tribal people, who ran away in forest and hilly areas after Monday’s tsunami warning, have returned back to their respective houses but are being on guard.

Schools are open but attendance is moderate. “Every other day there is a warning or alert. It's too much. We are worried about our future,” Elsie, a village girl in Car Nicobar, said.

The officials of Car Nicobar Island are keeping a close watch around Nicobar Islands as a safety measure. “We are taking all possible precautions,” Ankita Mishra, the Deputy Commissioner of Nicobar groups of Islands, said.