The Hindu , 04 August 2006

Bumper fish harvest off the coast of Kollam

KOLLAM: Traditional fishermen based at the Tangasseri Fishing Harbour have been experiencing a bumper ribbon fish harvest off the Kollam coast since the past 10 days.

Since these fishes are also exported, the bumper harvest did not bring down the prices of ribbon fish in the local public markets.

Traditionally, the arrival of the ribbon fish off the Kollam coast marks the culmination of the ``karikadi'' shrimp season. These shrimp can be harvested only through trawling during the start of the monsoon season.

The ribbon fish harvest has started worrying the mechanised boat owners. They fear that the Kollam waters have already become devoid of ``karikadi.'' Hence after the end of the extended trawling ban on August 15, the mechanised fishing sector of Kollam would have practically nothing to reap from the sea, the boat owners said.

Meanwhile, at the Tangasseri Harbour, ribbon fish was auctioned at an average price of Rs.1,000 a basket on Thursday. Following the harvest, seafood export agents thronged the harbour. Fishermen said they were satisfied with the harvest and the price.